Nvis Car Purifier

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₹ 799.00 BUT IT NOW
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₹ 799.00 BUT IT NOW

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Air Purifier from Nvis Technologies works on the Plasma Technology which produces corona discharge. This discharge is full of free radicals and negative ions which have strong oxidizing capacity. These free radicals combine with air contaminants and decompose them into elementary atoms hence purifying the air. These Purifiers reduces smoke, dust and smell filled in a room. At the same time the negative ions effectively improve the human body functions and refresh the brain. Our Offices, Homes, Movie Theaters are full of positive ions due to usage of contemporary worlds products like computers, TVs and other electrical devices. These positive ions especially in an enclosure make us feel tired, depressed and irritable. Air purifiers from Nvis provide a refreshing solution by generating negative ions and destroying the positive ones to keep your surroundings clean and fresh.

Eliminates peculiar smell
Prevent diseases prevalent due to use of air conditioner
Rejuvenates nervous system
Improves blood circulation system

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